"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I hate mowing!

Grass,that is.

The kind we all have.


I hate mowing any of it.

It’s a big patch of green,nothingness.


(If I could tear up this front lawn,I would.But it’s all septic tank drain field.That whole roots thing gets you every timeFull sun,too.Can you see how exasperated I get?)

Technically,a weed.

You have to edge it,to keep it neat.

It grows wherever it wants….

You have to weed-eat….

I’m the mower in this household(it’s my exercise….)

I’d rather clean my house than mow….(what does that tell ya?)

Yes,we have a self-propelled mower

(I would not be mowing if it wasn’t self-propelled!),

but it’s such a waste of my time.

I’d rather be gardening,or floating around in the pool….

anything but mowing!

YardBoy could never understand why I keep expanding the gardens…


This weekend,he decided he’d be a manly-man,and mow,and weed eat.

Ya gotta love a guy who’ll do that for you!

Now he gets it…..

He’s all for digging up more of the grass….

“Babe,I think we need more gardens.”

He got it!

Like this….

IMG_0286the new herb garden…. yet to be planted….

and this……


This is an area of the backyard.

By the lake.

It’s shady all day.

And quite damp.

to be done in much cooler weather…..

I’m researching plants now.I’m thinking the centerpiece may be another Tree Fern.

Thoughts anyone?

Feel free to jump in with an opinion……

I’m easy……


Buford Nature said...

Excellent attitude re lawn grass! I long for the day when it becomes illegal to irrigate a lawn with potable water and sod farms go bankrupt en mass.

Was the low wet spot originally wetlands? Plant herbaceous wetland species but be careful re wetland protection laws. Another suggestion is to take advantage of the wetness and (probable) mucky soil there and plant a veggie garden.

Rusty in Miami said...

I am with you on the mowing, if it was up to me I would pull out all my grass, but my dog would not be happy

Susan said...

It's soooo nice when hubby finally gets it. Mine is telling me to make more flowerbeds, too. He's over the crabgrass! You have an exciting fall to look forward too. The tree fern as a centerpiece sounds great!

Ami said...

Your new herb bed looks nice. It will be beautiful filled with all different herbs. My plan is removing all the grasses within the fence (not much any way), and my husband loves the idea since he is the mower! lol

Floridagirl said...

Oh yes, a tree fern is the way too go! I have to admit I'm a regular Forrest Gump when it comes to mowing. Love it! I beg my son to let me mow his acreage. (Housework is another story.) I agree with you on the grass-is-a-weed part. It seems to grow better in my flowerbeds than the lawn, though. St. Augustine is one of the worst "weeds" encroaching my garden areas. Where are the grubs and chinch bugs when you need them?

NanaK said...

Husbands who mow generally "get it." Yours is a quick study if it only took one time:) We have planted perennial peanut over our drainfield area and it is working out quite well. It does go semi-dormant in the winter, but mine didn't turn brown except a little bit right after the big freeze in January. It came right back even before warm weather was back. It needs weeding while getting established but now (2yrs.) mine is so thick if there are any weeds you can't see 'em.

Deborah said...

Oh what a delightful read! I happen to love St. Augustine grass, sorry :( It's all I can get to grow in the shade here. Love the new herb garden. Lookin quite spiffy!
**kisses** Deb

Gayle said...

Really? I would mow all day every day packing the mower bag across the yard to the compost piles with sweat dripping off my nose. The hum of the mower drowns out the fighting children. The yard is so beautiful freshly mowed. It takes a few days before you have you have to do it again. The house on-the-other-hand...I can hear the kids, the kids make the mess, the minute I clean it is a mess...I would rather camp under a tree, mow all the time and never ever clean house again.

Deborah said...

Oh Chris, it looks just as lovely on a second look. I know what you mean about the old signs!!! I love them too! Especially the House of Joy! The current owners have had it for maybe 30 years. They used to run a little restaurant in it on the weekends, but the hubby was hit by a car on his bicycle so she did not want him working again, and reopened as a boutique. She has some of the cutest things in there, all related to a Brothel. Brawny Man picked out some TASSELS!!! Men!
**kisses** Deb


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