"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, January 31, 2010


and not  the flower…

I’m tired of seeing green and brown(mostly brown)….

When you can’t do anything  in the garden and you really,really want to,what’s a gardener to do?

Did all that  I’m s’posed to do.

Went to the beach for the day….(read about that here….)


I have washed all the flower pots with Clorox.
Cleaned the garden tools with Clorox
and had JonJ sharpen them.

The only color in the garden is a Kalanchoe….


and a lone Begonia……


Now what?

How about buy a new bird feeder……

or two……


Wild Birds Unlimited has a hook that hangs from a tree limb.

Hopefully,to keep the squirrels at bay.

IMG_4237 How cool is that?

I was almost tempted into spending $189.00 for the one that flings the squirrels off,

but common sense prevailed.

But it would be kinda/sorta fun to watch………..you gotta admit….

I always wanted one like this……..



I got one!

What else can you do when the temperature is in the 50’s;

it’s grey and windy outside;

and you have nothing else to do?

The birds haven’t recognized that their new cafe’s open quite yet…….


They’re still using their old hang-outs…….


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NanaK said...

Sounds like you have been using this waiting time wisely. Let me know how your birdfeeder works out. I have a whole lot of squirrels and am going broke keeping my feeders full. I keep thinking of all the plants I could buy instead of birdseed. Good reminder to clean up some pots myself.

Meems said...

Great things to do while waiting for new growth to return. It does take a while for the birds to get comfortable with a new feeding station. But when they find it they tell their friends.

I LOVE wild birds and one of those squirrel twirly thingies has been on my wish list for a long time. It would be so fun to watch them try to get to the seed. I'm pretty sure all the extra money spent on seed they eat would pay for the cost of the feeder.

For now the squirrel baffles work pretty well and I use safflower seed in the feeders that don't have a baffle.

Gayle said...

Dude...squirrel flinging would be the bomb! If you get one invite me over and I'll bring the wine.

Susan said...

I like that long hook you hang from the tree. Sounds like a great idea. Oh, the lengths we'll go to deter those pesky squirrels. :-)

Nishant said...

. I keep thinking of all the plants I could buy instead of birdseed.

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