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Friday, August 14, 2009

I Was Totally Distracted........

Today,I went to a local nursery to buy a few more Farfugium plants,and was totally distracted by this.......... The person working at the nursery said they had just been dropped off,and they only got 7 of the plants.She wasn't sure of the name but said they are some type of red iris.

All I know is the moment I saw it,
I had to have it!
A close-up of the flower.
It is
I was able to divide the plant into 2 plants,and they have been planted by the pool area.
Now,I need you fellow gardeners help.........
What the heck is
I found it growing in a garden bed.Is it a weed that I should yank out.Or is it something I should allow to grow?
and I did buy more of the Farfugium,too........


Anonymous said...

Gosh that's beautiful..it looks like a red Canna with strappy leaves doesn't it? I don't know what that other thing is, but it looks as though the leaves start out oval, and then become divided? It's interesting. If it doesn't threaten to take over, why don't you see what it becomes? Congratulations on your farfugium. I grew one in that family in canada,(ligularia..the rocket) and it loved the bog garden. It pissed down rain all day here..

Prospero said...

Nice purchase.

Your plant may be Fatsia japonica, but that's just a guess since I don't have one.

Jake said...

That Iris is really nice. I have never seen a Iris bloom that looked like that or was that color red.



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