"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ana,Bill,and Claudette

If you live in Florida,you never get used to this time of year.

The start of the peak of "h" season......
(I just cannot bring myself to say that word).

Today finds us facing ........................
Claudette(in the Gulf and heading northward-yea!!!!),Sorry for you gardeners up that way,but...

Ana(dying out,hopefully,in the Atlantic),


Bill-looking like he's going north into the Atlantic
(fingers and toes crossed on this,just 'cause you never know....After Elena and Charley,one can never be sure).

Today has been cloudy,overcast amd oh so humid,but because we haven't had any Jim Cantore sightings in our neck of the woods,I decided I'd work on the garden containers.
Replanting,repotting,etc.Just general gardenkeeping.

Lotus Begonia,Spider plant, Pink Polka-dot plant.

The Green and White Container.
Just a mish-mosh of cuttings from the rest of the yard.

The Black(or dark purple,if you will) Container.
I think when this one fills in,it will be my favoritest.

And when the weather is like it has been today,what's a gardener to do?
Go shopping for the garden!!

Something new has arrived on TheGreatWall!
May he keep us safe................



compost in my shoe said...

Don't even utter the word......Makes me nervous just thinking about it....

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I count my blessings we don't have 'H's' in out part of the country.
I love the exotic plants you can grow there.

Gayle said...

What a variety of leafy plants. Very cool. Keep safe!

Jake said...

I stil think we should keep an I on Ana and Bill...just in case. Love your containers, they look awesome.


Shellbelle said...

Love the containers and the white and yellow plumeria on your last post. I may just have to sneak over there one night and steal me a cutting of that! Do you have pink? We made be able to do some trading.

When you have a chance (I know your busy farming on FB) stop by the Hut and look at my Wednesday, Aug 19th post. I did one of the bed and breakfast in Dunedin — The Meranova, have you been there?

Notice I didn't mention the "H" word in this whole comment!

Unknown said...

Rhonda-yep,I have a pink one.It's a dark pink,tho.Is that what you had in mind?I will be pruning one of the pinks back,after it blooms.You are more than welcome to some cuttings.And it's not stealing;it's called "relocating."
Yep-saw your post on the B&B.Loved it!

Rusty in Miami said...

I know what you are saying, I am the same way

Anonymous said...

I missed the Buddha. But now I see. He brings peace to my garden..I know you already have good karma.


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