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Monday, June 15, 2009

Succulent Succulents

For this month's GBBD,I thought I'd focus on our cactus garden Last spring,when we took down that big-arse Schefflera,that died in the Great Freeze of '09,we were left with two huge stumps(one was from an old oak that died,the other from the schefflera).Because that area of the yard gets sun almost the entire day,and is unbearably hot in Florida summers,we decided to make a rock garden with cactii. The Pony-Tail Palm is one we've had for years.

Bear with me,here.I'm not good with the names of the different cactii.So here we go......... Anigozanthos,Kanga Orange.
This one I know,as I saved the tag.I love the way it looks against a backdrop of Cannas(which are red,by the way)and the St.Bernard's Lily.

I have become an afficionado of succelents.They ask nothing from you.(which is alright by me!)
I love their symmetry and all the different textures.

Hens and Chickens
(I knew this one,because my mother grew them in her rock garden)
I love the grey-ness of this one.
Posted for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day,June 15,2009.
To see other gardens and what's blooming,visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Thank you Carol for hosting.


Meems said...

You do have some beautiful succulents. And you are right they are a hardy lot. Given the heat and humidity it is nice to have some easy plants isn't it! Your macro shots really display the nice textures and forms.

Rose said...

What a smart idea to turn this sunny spot into a succulent garden! After visiting Arizona a few times in the past year to visit my daughter, I've come to really enjoy succulents. Anything that requires so little maintenance is a winner with me:)

Kim said...

I love your succulents!

Since I don't blog with Blogger and there was no name/URL option, if you want to visit my garden, please go here Instrument of Grace

Prospero said...

Great looking collection of succulents. They look great in pots, too.

I have a Pony-Tail (Beaucarnia) plant. I'm thinking of planting it out in the landscape. Is yours potted so you can take it inside in winter?

Unknown said...

Prospero-our's is in a pot.We had one planted in the ground and it did well for a few years,but then it died. :( This one has done better in a pot.We don't take it in during the winter.We just protect it,if we are going to have a freeze.

Carol Michel said...

You know a lot more about cactus and succulents than I do! They are all houseplants to me.

Thanks for sharing them with us for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

lostlandscape (James) said...

Succulents can be awfully addicting, and I can see why from your photos. I agree that the color of the gray kalanchoe is really striking. Like wow. This is a plant?

Vicki ~ FL said...

Great assortment of succlents and the macro shots are great. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Gayle said...

You have quite the variety of plants growing in your garden. You amaze me all the time. Beautiful pots and rock garden.

Anonymous said...

Good grief I am behind in my commenting. I love love succulents. Everything is suffering from the dastardly heat right now, and those succulents are just loving it. I almost lost my pony tail palm in the the great freeze of 09. It's coming back like a trooper. This winter I will remember to hall it into the garage. I see you stole my thunder on the angel trumpet ha ha. Never mind, I am going to post it tomorrow anyway. Aren't they just so darn tropicalesque? By the way, thanks for your very nice comments..I really appreciate them.

Les said...

There is a whole 'nother world of cacti and succulents I would like to dive into.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wonderful succulents. I only have a couple different ones.



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