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Friday, June 5, 2009

Dodging the Raindrops,and Some Visitors To The GreatWall

Wanting to beat the rain,I left work early,today.Plus,it is Friday,after all,and aren't you supposed to cut out early on Fridays?
Lately,work has cut into my gardening time,so arriving home,the first thing I had to do was take a stroll through the garden.With the camera,of course.

Obviously,it had been sprinkling on and off all day,but this hibiscus seemed to be loving the bath it was getting. I thought the seed packet of Nasturtium seeds I had bought was all red,so imagine my surprise to se this guy pop up!I love his/her colors,and I am most definitely going to collect some seeds from this beauty.
Another orchid is in bloom.It must be the rainy weather.So,it has come up to the patio(we're Southern--so,we don't say lanai;we say porch),so we can enjoy it.
The Mezoo Trailing Red is blooming! I think it looks Christmasy,don't you?
And we had visitors toThe GreatWall,today.
I think this is a female Black Swallowtail.Am I right?
Whichever it(boy/girl) is,it's loving on the parsley.

"I am the Master of All I Survey!"
He so owns that chair!

While just checking things out by the pool gardens I felt/heard a whirr over my head,and lo and behold this guy flew right over me!Guess he/she was checking out the gardens,too.I did not have to use the zoom on the camera or crop this picture at all.Funny thing was,hubs had just gone in the house with his camera(he was mad because he missed a great shot of a Swallowtail Kite that landed in our oak tree).Needless to say,he wasn't too happy he missed this shot,too.Or was it because I got it and he didn't?Either way,LMAO!!!

This is not the same one that's been hanging around.This one looks younger.To my eyes,at least.
When I strolled down by our pseudo-lake front(we are still in the midst of a three year drought, after all),I found this Little Blue Heron foraging for yummy treats.Notice how low our so-called water front is.These days,we've been mowing our water front.Wonder if our property taxes will go down,as fast as the water level?Ya think?
And that's what been happening,lately,on The GreatWall.
Have a great week-end,everybody!!!!


Meems said...

I dodged the rain today, too. This rain has been something else hasn't it? I do love your green orchid and you are right about that nasturtium... it is a keeper. So nice to have the garden visitors. I agree your swallowtail is a female. Isn't it funny how the lizards seem to stay in the same general area and guard their territory.
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Gayle said...

You have the most amazing gardens. I wish I had just a teeny tiny bit of the knowledge you have. And what amazing wildlife! You will have to tell me how to harvest the nasturtiums seeds and how to store them. Afterall, I have hundreds of plants.

Guy D said...

These are fantastic, well done.

Regina In Pictures


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