"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, April 29, 2012

It rained,yesterday……..

Late afternoon/early evening, TheGreatWall was blessed with a nice,soaking shower.
No thunder or lightening.
Just a decent shower.
For maybe 30 minutes,or so.
Almost like a summer time shower.
This morning,I went out,
camera in hand.
To capture the garden….
Walking through the gate to the back,on the left,the Guara have decided they are going to be the bullies of the garden…Most of them have self-seeded,and those seedlings have been transplanted to other areas of the garden.
IMG_3791My favorite is the deep pink variety.
As you move down the pathway,to the right….IMG_3792Giant Liriope,the last of the Blue-Eyed Grass,Rosemary,variegated Flax Lily,and Cuphea.And  a yellow plumeria is stuck in there,too.
Further down,on the left…IMG_3796This is the Yellowtop I bought a year ago,here.It will be beautiful,this fall.It,also,roots incredibly easy,so if anyone wants a starter plant,let me know.I have one rooted to go behind the Guara.It should be able to hold its own against the Guara.
If you follow the pathway to the right,you see this…IMG_3797St.Bernard’s Lily,red Knockout Drift Rose,Gerbera Daisy,Love Grass,Blackberry Lily.In the background is a Powder Puff,which the hummers have been showing mad love to,this spring.Oh my!I think I see another Plumeria on the upper right.Go figure…
If you keep going,you will find Miss Emma’s -(Mine!)- statue,
overlooking the Queen Emma CrinumsIMG_3808
The variegated Creeping Fig is filling in,nicely---considering I had to yank it,quickly,out of the ground and slam it into pots when the pool was being removed---I am leaning towards to adding some Angel’s Tears to intermingle with the Creeping Fig.In the background,on the left,is Tea Olive,and a  Dwarf Euphorbia is on the right.
Across from Miss Emma,is one of the many Buddha's…
It almost seems like Buddha is smelling the Lantana…
If one keeps walking,just beyond Miss Emma's statue,on the right…
More variegated Flax Lily,an Agapanthus,ready to bloom,Farfugium,Hollyhocks,Angel’s Tears, and in the very back,Cat’s Whiskers.Intermingled with Cinnamon Fern.
Just beyond this section,the Tropical Sage,I bought,in March,here,is getting along quite nicely,with the Penstemon…
Across the pathway,is my favorite Buddha….IMG_3801
surrounded by Colocasia  esculenta 'Black Magic',giant Spathiphyllum and Bird’s Nest Fern.
Behind Buddha is the path-to-nowhere
the shadiest part of the yard…
total shade,here,all day….
…all green and white…
Underneath Norfolk Island Pines are Peace Lilies,variegated Flax Lilies,Holly Ferns, and green and white Caladiums…
Continuing,and and making a turn to the right,further down,is the newest garden…
This garden is on the north side of the house,and is one of the shadiest parts of the garden---after the path-to-nowhere---,so a lot of plants have been moved here…
…and across from that garden are the Canna’s.
The black pot,in the lower left,will eventually have another Buddha.Sitting atop of it.And surrounded by some type of arbor.With something growing on it…suggestions?
…a work in progress….
TheGreatWall is returning to form.
Just a newer and different form….
I still need sod….


Floridagirl said...

Wow, your garden is looking so lush and beautiful! Lovin' those stands of peace lilies and cannas...

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love your gardens. I'd love that thug guara growing in mine it's beautiful! Looking at all you've got growing there inspires me to get out into my own gardens. Although to day is errand day, and it's cloudy, more rain is expected and it's windy, so I'll probably just be content to walk around and see what's going on in them.

Have a great week.


Deborah said...

Oh my goodness, what a garden! I love how the guara looks against the fence, and the the knock out drift rose is appropriately named! How can I miss my old garden when I have yours to wander through. Beautiful!
**blows kisses** Deb

Susan said...

Hey Chris...I would definitely say The Great Wall is back to its usual lush beauty. Everything looks so nice and happy. I can tell you've been working hard to get it back in shape.

I saw on FloridaGirl's blog that you lost your father. I'm so sorry to hear that and I wish you the best.

Love all your Buddha's. i just recently bought one and am going to incorporate him into the plants poolside.

Ami said...

Envy your guara's, mine seems not doing well in my garden, wondering why.

I love all your Garden arts/decors, they just make garden more peaceful, and interesting.

Unknown said...

FG-I love the Peace Lilies too.That area is the only place left that gets total shade,and it is easily 10* cooler there.

Flower Lady-I love that thug Guara too.It has exceeded my expectations.

Deb-Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind moving to a townhouse,like you.But I would miss my garden terribly.so plod on....

Susan-thank you for your kind words re:my dad.Already I'm missing his expertise.I think the Buddha's bring a peacefulness to the garden.

Ami-my guaras get full sun all day.And I haven't amended the soil they grow in either.Could that be your problem?

Gayle said...

So jealous of all the leafy hosta looking stuff and cannas.... they fill everything in so nicely, but aren't happening here.

You said powder puff....as in Aster? If so I want to cry. I get excited if I grow an aster to be 1.5 tall and have a couple flowers before it snows and I have to start over. (BTW none of my aster seed germinated this year so I won't have any of my favorite flower).


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