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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feelin’ a little blue…

Yep….TheGreatWall has taken on a blue hue,these days….
When TheTree went down,all of the irises were spared…
…thank you,very much…
…but when the old pool was being removed and the new one was going in,I was forced to move the all of the irises,
in one weekend!
The only spots I could find for them,where I thought they would succeed,was back by the water line.I had hopes that the high water table and full sun would allow them to reach their full potential.
That it did….
IMG_3764IMG_3759These are back by where the drainage pipe enters the water.While enjoying their steady drink of water,they are also helping to control erosion.
Further along the bank of the water,with plumbago in the forefront.IMG_3768
Soooo,I’m starting to think TheTree going down might have been a blessing in disguise.
Unanswered prayers?
…there is even
blue-ness around here,at TheGreatWall….
Yard-art abounds here…
…You had to know that was gonna happen here….
blue pots…
and to surround the gutter down spouts…
…there is even a mixture of blue glass and blue marbles…
…feelin’ just a tad blue,here…
but in a good way….


Susan said...

That's a good kind of blue and very pretty, too!

NanaK said...

Really pretty blues you have there. I love your irises! I have some of those but they only get late afternoon sun and don't bloom so much. Maybe I'll do a little moving them around after the rains start.

Unknown said...

Kay-these get full sun,all day,but have wet feet.They have never bloomed like they have this year.Would your bog area work?

Ami said...

I love your irises too, so pretty! The blue art and blue pots really pops up in the garden. I also have two blue pots in my garden.Just love them!


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