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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love Grass

When I was looking to plant the Road-Side Garden,I knew I wanted Florida natives.

Something that could withstand the full sun of summer,

and have wet feet from the drenching summer rains.


Just like the side of a highway.


After researching,I found Elliott’s Love Grass, Eragrostis elliottii.

And I am so glad I did.


Typically,it is found in sandy soil,and tolerates both extremely dry and wet conditions.

Perfect for a road side garden!


Originally,I planted three,in the Road-Side Garden.



When I saw how well those three did,I planted three more,in the enlarged front garden.

Right next to the driveway,

and the road.

In full sun.

From sun-up to sun-down’s worth of sun…


Little did I know how much I would end up loving this Florida native.


Today,in the front garden,they look like this….


Mixed with Bulbine,Bulbine frutescens.


The Road-Side Garden,







In the early morning light,don’t the flower spikes look like clouds?

Almost as if they are floating above the other plants.


And in the late afternoon sun,

of early Autumn…


I love the way it mixes with the Purple Fountain Grass,Yellow Top,purple and white Agastache,Lemon Grass and Gaillardia Sunrita Yellow


If only it wasn’t 90+ degrees when I took his photo,I’d swear it was Fall…

…only in Florida,can you take a photo that looks Autumn, and sweat your arse off…


If you’re a betting person,you can place your money on,that come Spring,

the Love Grass is going to be divided up,

and spread around the new gardens of TheGreatWall .




NanaK said...

That love grass is perfect in the spots you have planted it. It really does light up an area! Does it really do OK with wet conditions? My lemon grass does great in the boggy area whether it is wet or dry, I like your combo with the love grass and lemon grass. I may want to copy:)

Susan said...

Your love grass looks a little like a dwarf muhly grass. I love the fluffy bloom, and the size is just right...different from other grasses we have. Very nice!

Unknown said...

Kay-I think the Love Grass would do well in your boggy area.Mine sits in very damp soil all summer.And that hasn't seemed to bother it,one bit.

Susan-the size is what I love about this grass.Not too big,not too small.Just right.


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