"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It’s all just a test……

…from God,I have come to believe.

To see just how much this gardener can withstand.But,I figure that if I could wait five years for Hillsborough County to complete the drainage project,what’s a few months?

When they were taking the tree down,the first branch they were being oh so careful to remove,came down and broke the spigot on the well.Got that fixed,pronto.But then I had no outdoor water spigot.YardBoy was gracious enough to spend yesterday,in the blazing hot sun,to install a new one.

While they were grinding the root ball out,something was thrown up and left this…


Got that fixed pronto,too.They paid for a glass installer to come right out,and fix it.

I took the broken glass and made this….


I have enough of the tempered glass to make quite a few more.To be used on the new patio.


The mourning period for The Oakin the future,it shall always be referred to as The Oak – is over.

Time to move on…


Yard pretty well cleaned up.



Plants moved to a shadier location, or potted up,to be used later on.

And the inspiration piece for the new yard is




This is from the Naples Botanical Garden,and is situated in full sun.I really love the look of the full sun bromeliads.Back when we visited,in May,I had wished I had a place for those.Now,I do.


A new tree will be bought and installed further – much,much further – towards the back.Either another Live Oak,or a Sweetgum.I’m leaning towards the Sweetgum.If anyone has thoughts,I would love to hear – or read -  them.

The hardest part of all this,has been going to Home Depot,and seeing all the fall foliage,and not being able to come with some.

I just keep telling myself,

“This,too,shall pass.”


Thankfully,football season has started.To keep this gardener occupied.

Go Bulls!

Go Bucs!

Go Gators!


Edited to add: RIP Leroy Selmon…..The world is better is a better place for such a good,kind gentleman as you.


NanaK said...

Love your attitude and your creativity. The full-sun broms will be a great addition but they are usually not as cold tolerant as the shade loving ones. I don't know anything about sweet gums but have you considered river birch trees? I don't know anything about them either but I always like them when I see them and I think they like moist sites.

Unknown said...

i like the tempered glass on the base. I might do this as we have lots of scrap tempered glass. thanks for this idea.


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