"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Friday, October 7, 2011


It is time to move on.

The old GreatWall is no more.

Time for a new

– and better


…can I have an Amen ?…




First things first.

A new shade tree was bought and installed.

Let me introduce you to our new Sweet Gum tree….

IMG_3215Ain’t she purty?

After much research,and chit-chatting with the nursery people,it was decided to go with the Sweet Gum.

It is a rapid grower.

Up than out.

At 12 feet tall,it is already producing some much needed shade.

Not much,

but the few plants left in its’ shadow are saying thank-you,

and welcome to TheGreatWall.

It is a deciduous tree,and in the fall,the leaves look like this…



Where there once was a shade garden….

has become a new butterfly garden…


What was let of the Tree Fern that lived here,after TheOak smashed it to smithereens,is long dead,from the sun.


The succulents and large rocks were moved here.

And Pentas and Lantana were added.IMG_3223

   I’m thinkin’ they like it….




This weekend,

to get ready for the new pool,


…can I have an hallalujah for the new pool?…


all the plantings that resided by the old pool,

will be dug up,

and either potted up temporarily,

or replanted somewhere else.


…Weather permitting,of course…

There’s always the weather to contend with,isn’t there?




Gayle said...

I am always amazed by the wide variety of plants that you grow and the fact that you know what they are all. You are a true gardener. I will never master what you have, but do stand in awe!

NanaK said...

So glad that your garden is enjoying new beginnings. The butterfly garden is a great idea. Those butterflies sure do seem to like it. I really like the sweet gum. Having fall color and winter interest
will be nice.


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