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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?






The hook I bought from Wild Birds Unlimited is just fantastic! The  squirrels absolutely cannot get into the feeder.I am very impressed with it.The only thing I can find fault with is,I wish they made them in a greater variety of sizes and lengths.Some of our Florida Oak’s limbs are quite large,and high(the getting out the ladder thing is starting to get old….but I’ll continue to do it….),so it would be nice to have one with a larger hook top,and a longer length.Other than that minor detail,I’m quite pleased.

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Ami said...

This is very nice feeder, obviousely birds love it! Very cuttie birds, I am sure you are having fun looking at them, huh? Great capture of the moment!

NanaK said...

Are those goldfinches? I recognize the titmouse and female cardinal as I have those at my feeders. I'm still waiting on more "exotic" birds. Love the photos. My poor camera's zoom is so poor that I have to be right on top of the birds to get a shot. They don't hold still for me.

Susan said...

What adorable little guests you have for dinner. Looks like they're enjoying that special meal you prepared.

Anonymous said...

NanaK-I think they are Goldfinches,but I'm not sure,as they don't exactly match the photo in my Audobon book.Hopefully,Meems will be along to ID them.

jabblog said...

Very pretty visitors! They don't look like our goldfinches, though similar - but then our robins look nothing like yours :-)

sanddune said...

Nice photos. I'm like NanaK the birds would have to be sitting almost on my camera to get those shots. Birds add a great deal to the gestalt of a garden. Well done!


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