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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!!!

And what a day the first day of spring was! Highs in the high 70’s(I think it may have hit 80 but I’m not sure),sunny,breezy……You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day! If only everyday could be like that.(But then they’d call it San Diego…….)
Many chores were accomplished on TheGreatWall.The day just infused us with energy.YardBoy worked on his beloved car.After reading a magazine called  “Container Gardening” (a special interest publication from Fine Gardening ), I decided to try making my own planting mix.The magazine contains recipes for different types of container planter mixes.I thought it would be fun to give it a try.
Let me explain…..After clearing out all the damage from this past winter,and realizing the palms and crotons,surrounding the pool,were all toast,I am of the thought to just use Giant Liriope and Holly Ferns.With the color accent coming from containers. Then I would be able to control their environment,and,also,to change them out with the seasons.
The first one I tried was for succulents.
5 parts perlite
4 parts bagged potting soil
1 part coarse sand(I found it a pet store,for hermit crabs…who’d a thunk that?)
pinch of rock dust (I didn’t use this.I am sooo not going to a rock quarry to beg for a pinch of rock dust.And my dad reminded me that here,in Florida,any rock dust I would get would be phosphate rock dust and that’s alkaline,and I don’t want that).
Top-dress the container with river rock,or aquarium stone(which I used).
The finished product……
The container is a resin container,that looks exactly like terra cotta.I am very pleased with the look.
Was all of this worth it?Who knows…..?
But it was fun,and a learning experience.
Next up-------soil for tropical's.
Stay tuned……….
And a shout out to Ross.
Go ‘cuse!
Sweet Sixteen,baby!
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Deborah said...

It turned out lovely. So sorry about the mean old frost. Just breaks your heart to see your babies freeze. Happy gardening!
**kisskiss** Deb

NanaK said...

Love your succulents container. How fun to try those different container mixes. Your plan to use the containers amidst liriope and holly fern sounds like a good one. I'll be looking forward to seeing them all.

Meems said...

Hey Chris,
It was really perfect yesterday. I got a lot done.

That container turned out really nice. I think you are going to have fun trying the new soil mixtures. Keep us posted on the success of your succulents.

jabblog said...

That pot looks most attractive. Glad you're enjoying your Spring weather. Those temperatures would be for Summer here on a good day!

Gayle said...

Sweet!! I've never thought about making different mixes of soil. Sounds like fun. Something I may have to consider in the future (far future!). :) Looks beautiful.

Ami said...

That sounds lots of fun. I also often make my own potting mix with some sand (paver sand from HD),perlite, peat moss and regular potting soil. It sometimes reminds me cooking with all those different ingredients. Your succulent container looks beautiful. I love succulent as well!

Susan said...

Great job on the succulent container. Succulents are pefect for containers. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable day. It definitely was one of the best so far this year.


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