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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Interesting Website for birdwatchers……

I found this website,through The Back Ten Feet’s Facebook page…..

Interesting in that it has birds moving south,


Could it be an early,harsh winter for us Southern gardeners?


Check it out……


What I have found interesting,

this summer,

is very few Caroline Wrens,

an incredible number of Cardinals and Blue Jays.

And the number of Pileated Woodpeckers has dropped off.

Though I have changed nothing in the birdfeeders.

After an absence of a few years,I have noticed more Swallow Tailed Kites this year.

And,though I hear the Red Shouldered Hawks,I haven’t had any land in the garden,as in previous years.Though I have had an abundance of aggressive squirrels.

The Marsh Rabbits have been in abundance.Actually,they seem to be quite unafraid of me.


You notice anything?

Is this a freak of nature?

A natural occurrence?

Global warming?



Anonymous said...

I think climate change and weather is responsible. I am not sure what the bird counts are up here as of yet, but will know soon when they are made public. It seems we have more birds, and it seems we have birds I don't see as often. There are a lot of Carolina Wrens up here and that seems unusual to me. Insects like butterflies are severely down and I am betting insects birds and their young consume are down as a result.

Unknown said...

After a Spring where the Goldfnches hung around much later,and in great numbers,I've had more butterflies this year.Especially Zebra Longwings.


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