"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Saturday, September 14, 2013


….on the Vitex…..                                                                                                                                     

that I’m trying to train to grow into a tree….
…not feeling too successful at that,so I'll probably just let it grow as a large shrub…

and a moth…ID?

….on the Sweet Almond Bush….
 ….also trying to train into a tree….
….doing much better as a tree…
potted on the left is native Wild Olive,Osmanthus americanus
on the right is an orange and white plumeria cutting


…. photo bomb by a wasp….


and just because…..

:: peace ::


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I have a vitex grown from seed that is not growing very fast or tall at all. I may have to dig it up and put it in some good potting soil.

I love that sweet almond and wouldn't mind adding that to my gardens if I could find it cheap or free. :-) I don't think I've seen it around here, but I haven't been looking lately either. I'm trying to keep on top of what I do have and will be so glad when summer is over and we have cooler weather.

Have a lovely Sunday there in your peaceful gardens and home.


Jean Campbell said...

I limbed up my Vitex shrubs as trees. Now I can't reach the seed pods to snip them off to encourage rebloom.

Your moth looks like a Skipper. There are myriad Skippers, hard to identify.

Unknown said...

Lorraine-I found my Sweet Almond @ Duncheon's Nursery in Land O'Lakes.It was quite a good size,and not too $$$.
Jean-thank you for the ID.I'm not too good at moths.

Anonymous said...

You have the bee plants! I love seeing bees buzzing. I never tried Vitex. Have to look into it.

Susan said...

That Vitex is a stunning bush. I'll have to look for some of that up my way. The bees are definitely loving your bloomers! Peace to you, too!

Unknown said...

GWGT-we Florida gardeners grow Vitex because we can't grow lilacs.:-(

Meems said...

I SO wish I had a place for Vitex. They get very large and need lots of sun and as you know I'm pretty much out of real estate. Yours is gorgeous and I'm glad you're adapting to your new sunny garden conditions. The moth is a Dusky Wing Skipper (I think), but there are so many skippers. That's one I see often with those same markings. Meems

Tink *~*~* said...

Your skipper looks like a long-tail skipper to me, because - well, long tail LOL :D I would have to see his back to be sure; they have a blue-green back. Skippers have the characteristics of both butterflies and moths, so they are kind of an in-between species.



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