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Friday, May 17, 2013

The first of the plumeria…

……have bloomed!
This one is usually cream with yellow,but for some reason,this year,it is more yellow with just a touch of cream….
Could it be the past two warm winters?
The scent is overwhelming…….

…………an interruption for an Emma alert………

I may be prejudiced but I think she’s cuter and prettier than the plumeria……….



Tootie said...

Yes, Miss Emma is a beauty! :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Yes, Miss Emma is prettier than your Plumeria. I'm sure she's the prettiest flower in your gardens.

I just got a cutting from a friend of a pale yellow Plumeria that I hope will root.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

David The Good said...

Yep. She's definitely prettier - but does she smell as good?

I love the yellow blooms. I used to have a deep purple-black variety long ago. I do have some white ones with deep yellow centers growing down south. They're amazing plants.

Deborah said...

EMMA!!! **swoons** What a doll.

I think the plumeria changed colors to keep up with the all the updates going on at The Great Wall.

**blows kisses**


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