"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Security Crew at TheGreatWall


They’re on the job….


“just checking for lubbers,Mom….”

Ummm,Harley,I think that’s a lizard…

“Nope,it’s a lubber.”

Whatever you say…..



“I’m keepin’ the door safe from intruders….”






Deborah said...

How cute! One little cat is quite fluffy!!

My Bad Alice said to tell you to be sure to order the wire racks for the bottom of your awesome industrial sink; otherwise it scratches. A lot.

**kisskiss** Deb

Anonymous said...

Adorable . . . and seriously, cats are bad asses. I had a neighborhood stray (lots of them unfortunately) I was feeding go from purring and rubbing up against my leg to full attack mode. Scared the tar out of me and her scratches and little bite hurt like heck. Something must have spooked her, but man talk about a ninja cat? LOL

Unknown said...

Deb-tell Bad Alice,I said thanks for the info.Will do.


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