"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring cleaning……

In the last week,we have gone from Spring

to Winter

to Spring,


And,today,was like a nice Summer day.

….but without the humidity and rain….







Time to get out the clippers and machete

…..and whack away…..


Always looks much better with the dead stuff cleared out,doesn’t it?


Planted the Rouge Plant –Rivina humilis 


that I bought here…..

There’s a Blue Sage Plant,next to it.

I think they will get along famously.




A brom I bought here, 3-4 years ago….

….has finally decided to



only one pup,but I’ll take it.

Patience is a virtue,after all.


and the whole garden smells like this…..

seriously,the whole garden……



but it’s actually from this….



Banana Shrub-Michelia figo

amazing that such a small blossom can create such an overwhelming scent!

Even on the lanai…….


Excuse me,but I’m feeling the overwhelming need for a popsicle,right now……


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. . . and I love the Banana Sruub. I have one planted out back near by one of our sitting areas. Smells just like a banana split to me. See, that's my problem - can't be a simple popsicle. No sir, has to be a big fattening banana split! LOL

Unknown said...

Nope not a banana split,to me.But for awhile,today,I smelled bubble gum,too.I just love this shrub!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What lovely unusual plants. I'd love to see a Banana shrub and smell it's blooms, it sounds wonderful.

It really was a gorgeous day out. I love your photo of Lady Cardinal. I heard them and the Mockingbirds singing away all morning, it was fantastic accompaniment while I planted seeds.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Unknown said...

Lorraine-I got my Banana Shrub at Bok Tower nursery.It is the best shrub.Blooms all spring and summer.The banana smell is most overwhelming in spring,tho.

David The Good said...

Ah... the machete: that most sublime of Florida gardening tools!

As for the scented plants... I've been enjoying the citrus blossoms lately. Amazing. The bees and I both appreciate them.

Unknown said...

SG,AKA D the G-I love machetes so much,I have 2! Keep 'em sharp in a bucket of sand mixed with old motor oil.


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