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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Here We Go Again….

Yep-it’s time for more renovation….
                      This afternoon,the builder and his architect were here.
To see what could be done about this ugly space…..

Screams 70’s, doesn’t it?

Measurements were taken,
ideas bandied about,
men crawling about in the attic,
seeing what was load bearing,
The plan,for now:
-raise the roof ceiling.
-add a room off of the laundry room.
-Move the laundry room there.
-Along with a butler’s pantry,
- and real cabinets for real storage.
-And a sink for a gardener to wash their hands!
-Remove the wall between the old kitchen and old laundry room.

Making one large kick-ass kitchen!
be still my heart….
With a real island!
and decent cabinetry.
Stay tuned…..


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I hear you excitement as this next project has begun. Enjoy the process and I look forward to pictures before, during and after, of course.

Have wonderful holidays.


Gayle said...

You are so lucky. Wish I had a contractor. Did I mention that we framed a wall a couple of weeks ago. Wonder how many weeks (months) until the next one? sigh.... you go girl. Build that dream house!


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