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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Immersion Therapy…

Some people are afraid of clowns.

I’m not.I just don’t think clowns are all that funny.I always thought all that make-up was dumb.

But,I digress…

Those who know me well,know I have a thing about butterflies.

…They freak me out….

…There! I said it….

I love watching them flit around the garden.

I plant plants just to attract them.

I can identify them all.

But I prefer to watch them from inside the screened lanai.

When a Red Admiral got inside the pool cage,I refused to go out there for 2 days!I left the doors open and,thankfully,it,finally,flew out.Or else,I would still be stuck inside my house.

All my photos of butterflies have been taken with my big zoom lens.

I’m not afraid of snakes.

Actually,they kind of fascinate me.

I have never been to a butterfly house,and have always refused invitations to go to the one in Gainesville,or any public garden that has one,for that matter.


Where did I get this weirdness from?

Probably,it is from,when I was little, my older brothers telling me Dragon Flies and butterflies would sew my ears shut if I let them get too close.They scarred me life,I tell ya…

But no more!

Yesterday AM,when I was trying to get a photo of a mama alligator and her brood

…totally missed that shot…she wasn’t happy with me anyways…

I noticed a Zebra Long Wing on the Jatropha.

Time to get over this!

“I can do this.”

So,with shaking hands I crept up on him/her….

and I did it!

with the regular lens,too!








Who said I can’t deal with my issues?


I still have some more to deal with….

Baby steps…..


Snowbird said...

And see what beauty you found. Baby steps is right but at least you took the first one.

Unknown said...

Thank you,Nancy.I'm working on things.

BernieH said...

Well done you! Look at the fabulous shots you got of this beauty! Now me ... clowns and butterflies wouldn't freak me out, but alligators and snakes definitely would!!!

Unknown said...

Bernie-I love gators and snakes.I just may have conquered the butterfly thing.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love it when a butterfly flies real close. We have LOTS of zebra longwings. I think now that you have gotten brave and taken these wonderful photos, you'll get even braver and take more wonderful shots.

They are flying flowers, and very gentle creatures.


Deborah said...

Oh Chris, these are great shots, and your trembling doesn't even show!!! Fear of butterflies? That one I have never heard. My Bad Alice has always feared clowns.

**happy smiles** Deb

Floridagirl said...

Those are some gorgeous shots of the Zebra Longwing! Glad you overcame your phobia for just a bit. I have a niece who is deathly afraid of butterflies too. I always thought it was strange. Hers stemmed from visiting the butterfly house at Cypress Gardens when she was 8. Dozens of butterflies landed on her...noone else, just her. She flipped out (said their feet felt creepy) and is still terrified of them today.

Two Steps From Home said...

Hmm! This is really nice. You are also a great photographer.

NanaK said...

Glad you were brave and got those wonderful photos. The Zebra Longwings are plentiful again this year and that is a very good thing. Now that you are making strides toward tolerating closeness with butterflies I hope you will enjoy many photo sessions with them.

Unknown said...

Florida Girl-I know just how our niece feels.I can get close to the the butterflies now,but I don't think I'm ready for them landing on me.Or a butterfly house,either.

Two Steps-thank you.I appreciate your comments.

Kay-Actually,I haven't had that many Zebra Long Wings the past few years.I think the excitement of seeing one got me over my fears.


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