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Thursday, June 21, 2012

B is for….

Blackberry Lily
My first seeds came from Susan,at Simply Susanthank you for these beauties.
Previously,they had been planted in dappled shade.
They bloomed ok…
but just that.
Oh,I got seeds,
and they sprouted,
but it was just ok…..
When TheTree went down,they were dug up and stored in pots,until the pool was finished.
Now,they are in full sun.
All day.
I worried,at first,that it would be too much sun for them.
But I was wrong.
Now,they are all close to five feet tall.
Standing straight and true.
No flopping over allowed here….
And the flower scapes have started.
Today,I found the first of what should be many blooms.
Thank you again,Susan.
B is for Brown Fig, ficus carica
Having always wanted a fig tree,I bought a Brown Fig tree last fall,
with hopes it would make it.
It has performed so-so.
Just when I was ready to chalk it up to a lesson learned,and ripping it out,I found this….
My first fig!
and the only one,but who’s counting?
I think it can hang around a little bit longer….
B is for…
 Beach Baby….
You didn’t think I’d go this long without a picture of Miss Emma,did you?


Tootie said...

That photo of Miss Emma needs to go to a photo contest, for sure! :)

Gayle said...

That baby is the MOST adorable little girl ever!!

Deborah said...

Oh those curls!!! Be still my heart! Ehren just recently grew hair! I see that Emma also has The London Look. That's what The Soldier says about his little girl because of the gap between front teeth, and Mick Jagger's daughter modeling The London Look on TV. Awe, we both have super models!!!

Beeeeeeutiful shots of your most gorgeous garden. I love. ♥♥♥ Deb

Floridagirl said...

Oh, I almost didn't comment, because I am so jealous. Blackberry lilies will absolutely not grow for me!!!!! Don't know why. My specimen was awesome the first year (2010), then just did nothing. The seedlings I spread popped up, then just petered out and died. The original plant came back again this spring, but is only a few inches high, just like last year. What in the world? These are supposed to be carefree, tough Florida plants, right? Anyway, since it was still alive, I moved it to a drier spot. Maybe it was too wet there. Fingers crossed....

Oooh, Emma has some gorgeous eyes!!! Great photo!

Susan said...

Emma is just precious...she ought to be in commercials or magazines. Glad to see that your blackberry lilies are thriving...they are a wonderful summer blooming plant. Enjoy!

NanaK said...

I agree with everyone else about Miss Emma - a real beauty! I'm glad to know your blackberry lilies are doing so well in the sun. Mine are in mostly shade and flopping over like crazy. I just stake them up and enjoy those sweet, twisty little blooms. Congratulations on your fig! I gave up on my fig tree not because it didn't produce, but because I never was able to let them ripen before the squirrels took 'em. All of them. Hope you get to taste yours.


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