"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Monday, November 21, 2011



Everyday,I try to find at least one thing in my life I am grateful for,but this week,especially,is the time when we all look at our lives and give thinks for all of our blessings.

~ The garden ~
I am ever so grateful that when TheOak went over,it went in the direction it did.
IMG_3037 IMG_3033 - Copy
It may have taken out the pool,the shade garden and left me with a barren desert,but,at least it didn’t destroy the house or any human -YardBoy had just been walking under there.They say things happen for a reason.Now,we are getting a new pool,and I have the chance to grow new plants.Ones I have never been able to grow,before,as there was just way too much shade and not enough sun.I look forward to starting anew.It’s exciting.
We have a new Sweet Gum tree …
…that will provide shade and beautiful,colorful foliage next Fall.

The plants that survived are now putting on a splendid show.
Just in time for Thanksgiving.

~ Home ~
No,my house isn’t a mansion.But it’s finally the way I want it to be…well,almost.A new kitchen would be nice…The roof is brand new.The pool is almost finished.It will be screened in,which will give me an area to display the orchids and bromeliads.

~ Family ~
I am grateful that both of my sons have grown into wonderful men.Both have strong,beautiful,loving women in their lives.And both complete this family.
We love them both to death.

…Kyle,Gina,and Emma…
‘nough said…
Though my Dad has rapidly deteriorated,this past few months,I am ever so grateful to be able to spend one more Thanksgiving with him.

There are many things I don’t have,and wish that I did,but they are just that.

This Thanksgiving,I realize just how much there is in my life to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving


Ami said...

Chris: Very well said! You have a very positive attitude to the life. That surely have led you to find all those happy things in your life.

I have been busy, but I have been coming here from time to time to check out your pool and garden progress. Everything seems heading to the right direction. New pool, new garden with lots of new plants, exciting! Can not wait for your post the pictures when all are finished.

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!

Meems said...

I like your spunk, Chris! You are making the best of a pretty tough circumstance. I'm sure it will all be okay in the end and you will adjust beautifully... but getting there can be trying. I am thankful for you and your friendship.


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