"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Saturday, July 13, 2013


           when the kitchen looked like this?

no counter space.

Screams 70’s,doesn’t it?

Now,it looks like this….

and this….
and this…
and this….
The antique lights were an eBay find.
The new laundry room looks like this….
One of my favorite things,
a print from Erich,the Younger,
that he brought back from his recent trip to England….
and this….
things still needed to be done,in red…The cabinets were put together by #1 grandson,Kyle…..
A few of my favorite things……
the new window sill…
Display space…..
The new sink and faucet….
And this….
the door! from a salvage yard,the hardware was bought on line.
and this….
A tempered glass cutting board.A gift from a friend….
Some thoughts on kitchen renovation…
~ it will take longer than the contractor says.
~ no one shows up when they say they will…….
~ be prepared for bumps in the road.We had quite a few.Broken pipes,floods,etc.….
~ doing dishes in the bathroom is not fun….
~ just keep thinking how great it will be when all the trades are out of your hair,and gone
~ the yard and garden will be torn up,too.Trades have a habit of walking right straight through your garden….
~ have everything ready before they start the renovation.To avoid delays,our contractor had me order the appliances,lighting,sink and faucet,drawer hardware,etc. before they even started working on the kitchen.Of course,everything was stored all over the house,but it did help avoid delays.
~ dust,dust,dust everywhere!It’s unavoidable.Just do what you can.
I need to get to work on the yard………


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This is absolutely fabulous!!!! Well worth the wait and hassles. You will enjoy this for a long, long time to come. It makes me feel happy for you.

Love and hugs to you and happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

Deborah said...

FANTABULOUS!!! I LOVE ♥ Definitely worth the wait and all the trouble. The entire room sparkles. I would need help using your faucet, though. The tile behind your stove is so beautiful. The oven himself is so handsome. WHAT!!! is that a wine cooler??? I KNEW there was a reason we were friends!

You must be in heaven. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous! Perfect mix of retro and modern, wouldn't change a thing. The door and chalkboard are unique and personal, love it!!
Thanks for sharing your journey through remodeling heck! :-)

ps, if you get back to the BD on Sanibel, please post some pics, I'm in major withdrawal.

Unknown said...

Deb-yep,that's a wine cooler.Wine on the left/beer on the right.Only way to fly!

Susan said...

Looks so fresh and new. I'll bet you really enjoy cooking in your beautiful kitchen.

Unknown said...

Susan-I love all the counter space! It is a dream cooking with that.Now,if I could just remember where I put everything....


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