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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitchen Reno Update~~~~~

The past 3 months the garden has taken a back seat to the kitchen renovation,which I posted about here.
Sooooo,after a few times of hair pulling,temper tantrums(oh yeah-I have lost my temper quite a few times….),
This is where we are,today.
The dining room is finally finished,and back together….….
Walls had to be torn out to install 2 new laminated beams.One in the kitchen(between the old kitchen/laundry area),and one between the living room/dining room.
My favorite thing(besides the open feeling),in the dining area….
a photo of the grand kiddoes feet, I took, and then had enlarged.
It hangs  over my Uncle’s
(my Uncle Dewey-
-who deserves his own post,by the way-
Every  kid should have an Uncle Dewey,
-but I digress)
  antique desk,which has become command central.Where the laptop,iPad,and phone are plugged in.
I will share the new laundry room in another post.
But I’m loving it!

Still waiting on the kitchen cabinets……….

Don’t ask about the kitchen cabinets……


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

It all looks lovely. I love the openess. I look forward to seeing your laundry room and the kitchen.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Deborah said...

I am loving it too! I can see why that photo is your favorite. In fact, I just made Note To Self to do the same thing!!! I copy. I have no shame.

**happy smiles**


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