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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Out,Out Damn Tree!!

So,we had this big-ass Washingtonian Palm(note to whomever-NEVER,EVER plant one!)that was leaning dangerously close to the house and needed to come out.Actually,it was taller than the house.
So,we called the bestest tree service ever(Independent Tree Service-they work all over the west coast of Florida).

This is the big-ass palm.
A close fit.But the driver was spot-on.

After they pulled the bucket truck in(they had to remove our brand new fence--ewwwww.But they replaced it,too.Insert clappy smiley here).
He's in there somewhere.....Afterwards,he said there were snakes and rats in there!

There goes the top!

Oooops...but they cleaned it all up.

Next level going down.
And another level.Told ya it was a big-ass palm.
These guys did a heck of a job.Cleaned everything up.Hauled it all away.Raked the yard.They even cleaned the pool!
What is gonna go there,you ask?Why one of the contraband plumeria,of course......


Tink *~*~* said...

Rats? All the way UP THERE? *faints*

It's amazing none of them ever fell out onto your heads while you were in the pool!

Tink *~*~*

maryt/theteach said...

That6 is certainly one ugly tree! I thought palm trees were beautiful! :)

Reader Wil said...

Quite an operation! They did a great job, by the look of it!
Thanks for visiting my blog. There were also snakes and rats in this Botanic Gardens, but we never saw them.

Gayle said...

I just realized you have multiple blogs so now I have all this reading to do! Ewwwww! Snakes and rats in a tree! You didn't need to tell me that. I don't have snakes and rats. And I was so thinking the beach was for me!


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