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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here we go.................

We've decided to keep a running journal of our major landscaping project.

Those of you who have been to our house,will remember the falling-down-uneven wall around the pool.We have decided to move that wall out about 6 feet and extend the patio.Eventually,it will extend up to the backdoor(by the laundry room),where we hope to creat a semi outdoor kitchen.The gas grill,the smoker,and the soon-to-be-bought new charcoal grill will go there.We have already built a work table out of the big cypress beam that was from the old front entry-way.

This is what we accomplished the first day.
Notice the pink plumeria in it's pot.Eventually,the patio will be built around it.
And this is where we are now. You'll notice that all the plants have been relocated to other places in the yard,or are awaiting replanting around the wall.That was not a fun job.
We are approaching the point where we will have to have a load of fill dirt brought in.Hauling THAT will be the hard part!It's going to make what we have done,so far,seem like play time.And.of course we're going to need more retaining wall block.Thank Heaven we have a pick-up truck.

To be continued.............................

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